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Building platforms for a sustainable, resilient future

We focus on the global megatrends reshaping the 21st century to find the companies and technologies that align with our vision of a sustainable, resilient future.

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Focused on impactful, global megatrends

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Global energy and industrial systems are refactoring around digital intelligence, resiliency, and sustainability – unlocking a supercycle of innovation driven by economic, technological, regulatory, and environmental forces.

Rapid decarbonization of industrial and infrastructure systems

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The world is moving away from carbon and toward renewable energy as technologies ride down the cost curve. In addition to new sources of clean generation and storage, the transition will require software, data, and automation to ensure flexibility and resiliency. We invest in all areas of new energy including technology, software, and business model innovation.

Our vision is a world powered by clean, affordable, reliable energy for all.

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Over the last 200 years, the world has experienced several waves of the Industrial Revolution. Now in our Fourth Wave, real-time data, edge intelligence, and automation are being applied to our systems of production. Activate invests across this broad category with data, communications, AI & ML, robotics, cybersecurity, and business model innovation being key focus themes.

Our vision is for intelligent, automated, flexible, zero-waste manufacturing and industrial networks.

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Transportation is electrifying, and new modes of mobility are emerging. Meanwhile, global disruptions have exposed our brittle supply chain infrastructure, and eCommerce penetration continues to grow. Activate invests in technologies related to the movement of people and goods—which account for nearly 30% of global GHGs—from electric and autonomous vehicles and infrastructure to next-gen logistics platforms.

Our vision is for zero-carbon transportation and efficient, frictionless movement of goods.

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Proven technologies, large markets, accelerating growth

With decades of experience focused on these sectors, we have watched hundreds of companies at all stages of their journeys—from inception to finding product-market fit to growing into dominant market players that define new categories. Activate provides capital to entrepreneurs at the inflection point of their growth, where commercial traction and a defensible solution have been established, and the market is ready for rapid adoption. We leverage our deep networks, years of insight, and patient approach to help founders navigate through both the peaks and valleys that invariably come with building lasting companies of impact and scale. Our lens is biased toward visionary founders chasing exceptionally large markets with a compelling answer to “Why Now?”

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assets operating and serving customers, communities and the planet

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We're investors, operators, and believers. Our superpower is our team.

Beyond persistence, candor, and humility, our team brings a diverse set of skills, styles, and experiences that inform our collective perspective. We focus on learning every day from our exhaustive research, companies, and each other. We embrace challenging conversations, question all assumptions, and believe the best ideas rise in a flat, intellectual environment. Activate’s Executive and Strategic Advisory Boards, comprising industry experts, executives, investors, and operators, bring another layer of valuable insight, perspectives, and networks to bear.